Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Forecast 2011

Now that it is 2011 I can give a little forecast of my plans for this year.
I will cluster it again in the two big points poker and life.

As being said I'm in London atm and will stay here at least until may. Plan is to spent 2 months this summer in Malta again because summer in Malta is awesome. Good weather, lots of crazy people, hot chicks, cheap prices and spending the whole year in London would be pretty boring probably... Afterwards I wanna travel to Las Vegas for 3-6 weeks and get some baller place there with some other poker players. I mean I'm playing since more than 2 years for a living and never went to Vegas yet (never even went to teh US and A lol). But I definitely try to change that this year. September probably back to London and the last 3 months I really wanna go to Thailand (guess either on an island like phuket or Koh Samui) with some guys I got to know in Malta who are playing for a living as well. But nothing set in stone so far.
Malta is probably 90% safe if I don't bust the next 5months, Vegas I give a solid 75% and Thailand atm is a little bit more then fifty fifty I assume. We'll see what happens.
Besides that I have the feeling that I worked too much last year and therefore my life came a little bit short. Yes, money and work is important but it shouldn't be everything and last year it was almost everything. So plan for this year is to go out more, get to know new people, travel more, drink less, smoke less. I also want to focus more on fitness and nutrion (from march ongoing) again in order to show Joe Ingram who is the B0$$ in Vegas at the pool contest. Will be pretty hard work but when I don't work as much as last year I should have plenty of time in the meanwhile to get things done.

goals cliff:

[ ] live in 4 different countries in 2011 (at least one month in each)
[ ] live more, work less
[ ] get back to the body I had in 2008
[ ] drink less (def. very ambitious goal)

[ ] smoke less
[ ] beat Ingram at Vegas pool contest
[ ] meet alot new people

Main goal for poker is obviously to make money money money make money money money. Even if I'm planning to not do my 3rd SNE run I'm still planning to play very decent amount of poker. I'm just about to get 50% of my action to Full Tilt Poker (played Pokerstars exclusively from the beginning and never any other site) and the rest of my volume will likely remain at Pokerstars (mainly because the rakeback I get as an SNE til end of september is much too lucrative to leave Stars completely). I'm still hoping that Stars eliminates 20BB poker asap but chances are not to good after they made one of the biggest shortstackers ever their teampro. But we'll see what happens and if you read this Stars, it's not to late for teh change and from the moment you make it you'll have my complete action at your side...
Even though many people asking me about live poker I have no plans to play live in any form this year. Maybe in Vegas, but only maybe. I'm definitely not attending any type of tournaments not matter if they cost me 200$ oder 10k$. Furthermore I will try to not play any more tournaments online (only freerolls) because they tilt the shit out of me and it is just a massive waste of time given the fact I'm not able to play my A-Game at the cash tables in the meanwhile...

goals cliff:

[ ] make money

[ ] work less
[ ] do not play live tournaments
[ ] do not play online tournaments
[ ] get used to Full Tilt and play 50% of my time there
[ ] reading a statement of pokerstars where they say all cashgame tables will be 35-100BBs

That's all for the moment.
My working year started yesterday with a 4 digit day which satisfied me alot. Today I have the first session in as well and some more will follow.
I'll keep you posted...



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    Nice Blog man..!!

    I will add u to my Blogroll. Please could u add me to yours?

    I am in London also



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