Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Slow start into teh month...

Haven't done much this week so far besides recovering from NY holidays, playing poker and organizing a new battery for my car. Story is kinda funny so I gonna share it. Came back from Bukarest on the 2nd and was going for the supermarket on the 3rd. Ofc my car didn't start bc the battery was empty after more than 3 weeks not driving. In order to get starting aid I subscribed to the AA which is something like the ADAC in germany. 30 minutes later a guy was there too charge my battery but it wasn't really working. Car was starting but battery wasn't loading and he told me I would need a new one asap. No biggie I thought and drove to HiQ Car centre which is something like the ATU in germany. They told me no problem, we don't have it here but somebody gonna deliver the battery. An hour later the battery was there but not fitting. Tomorrow we get the right one for your car they told me and I took a cab home. Next day at noon somebody of HiQ called me and explained that they tried 6 different batteries but none is working and they cannot do anything for me lol. So my last chance was the american car centre London. These guys told me atm there are like 3 batteries in whole UK which will fit in my Vette but they can get me one by tomorrow. "Done". So next day I had to pick up the battery at the american car centre in south-west London and get it to the HiQ car centre in north-east London. The cab costed my almost 100 pounds. Whatever. Battery was fine but this time I forgot my car keys at my flat which was another 15pounds for the taxi company. Not to mention that the battery and AA membership are not for free. Conclusion: Cars are expensive (especially cars which are rare bc it's a big hassle to get parts for them...)

Pokerwise I'm not too satisfied. I should be up but not much. Didn't checked all of my results so far. Funny thing is that until today I had not a single losing day on Stars this year but still was barely up money. Today I dropped a bunch at Stars but made almost 1.5k at FT.
Will probably stick to FT the next days because it's just insane what is happening on Stars. Every session is a nightmare. No matter if I play short sessions, long sessions, if I play 1k hands a day or 10k hands. I don't hit a single one. I played almost 5million hands since I'm a pro but what's happening the last 400k is disgusting. It all started with the EV thing but now I'm running on or even above so that's not the case anymore. It's just the simple fact that I don't hit and don't get value and for the very few occasions I hit big and get action I win maybe 50%. And running below EV or getting coolered sucks but it's not nearly as frustrating as what is happening atm.
But I don't wanna cry too much - I'm up and that is what counts and so I'm gonna try to ride the wave at FT the next days and see what happens.

There where exciting news on 2+2 today when SteveD one of the Pokerstars reps wrote that there will be an announcement until the end of january about changes of the buy in structures so I'll keep my fingers crossed that Stars finally gets rid of the talentless ratholing muppets who are playing with 20BBs for a 0.03PTTB WR...

Furthermore I look forward that FT introduces some sort of better Blackcard and increase Rakeback for massgrinders. But that's highly speculative...



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